What does a Shih Tzu do at home when you are out?

You know how interesting is having a dog and a Shih Tzu is a breed  (from China) that deserves lots of attention. In this article we are going to analyze all the pros of having a Shih Tzu and some special care that they need. If you work or study and your dog is alone, what does it do when you are out? This is a very important aspect to be discussed.


You know how sad a dog feels when it is alone. We need to work or study but it is necessary to pay attention and dedicate some time for your beloved four-legged friend. Definitely, this wonderful dog requires lots of care and letting them alone might cause lots of problems.


Pros of having a Shih Tzu


They are loyal to their owners, and they are tolerant with elderly and children. Of course, this breed is very cute and all your family will love it.


Another advantage of having a Shih Tzu is that they do not require lots of exercise, then a small walk in the street or in the garden is enough to make your best friend feel happy. They also have a good temperament and are able to help you to relax you after a long day in your job.


Having a Shih Tzu helps to lower your blood pressure by 10% according to studies then it is a good idea to get one for your family. After a long day in your job or in your school, this dog is perfect to reduce your stress.


What does your dog do when you are out?


Surely, this dog feels very sad and it might have stress and even some diseases if they spend many hours alone. Of course, you need to take care avoiding some problems at home such as peeing in the wrong place, and even destroying your sofa or cushions.


If your dog does not walk in the street it may feel stressed too. Definitely, Shih Tzu is a good companion for all of us and it deserves a special attention. Do not leave your dog alone otherwise it will have some problems.


Remember to brush its long hair and pay special attention to its eyes and mustaches. Cut its hair regularly is a good idea too. It feels stressed when it is infested with fleas.


Keep in mind that this dog is very curious then place all your shoes out of reach! If your dog is alone most part of the day, as soon as you get home, you might have a terrible surprise! It may destroy your shoes or even your slippers.


Allow your dog to play with other ones. It is very important to make them happy. It is essential to have some fun with your pet and make sure to keep fresh food and water. A ride on a weekend in a park should be an excellent idea then it will not feel stressed.


Always consult a vet and buy some fun toys for your friend. Remember to be patient and do not shout. Try to explain the good behavior using rewards. Punishment is not necessary! Ignoring can be a good idea but be careful or it will feel depressed. Definitely, Shih Tzu is a cool dog that needs you and your family.


This breed makes friends easily then socialize is important. Be careful with excess of food! They tend to be obese as well, then keep it active and fit. They are extremely nice and will be your friend for many years! As you can see, it is not difficult to treat your best friend in an adequate way! Love is very important.