Tips to travel with your Shih Tzu

We really work and study for many hours a day, and vacation  is always welcome for all us. If you intend to stop working or studying for some days, it may be a good idea to prepare everything in advance in order to relax and enjoy excellent moments in your life. Of course, your family loves dogs and Shih Tzu is not an exception. It is your best friend at home! Let’s talk in this article about some tips of traveling with a Shih Tzu.


The idea of this article is to teach you some good tips in order to make your trip better and more comfortable for your family and for your dog too. Animals may feel stressed if you travel long distances then some attitudes are necessary to avoid more serious problems.


First tip: get an identification for your dog


No matter where you are, an identification is important. Your dog will be in an unfamiliar place then if it gets lost you may have serious problems. Carry a recent photo of your dog too. Your phone number is important at this moment. Unfortunately, it is a common situation and you need to be aware.


Second tip: bring your dog’s papers


Bring you health records just in case of an emergency. If you need to take your Shih Tzu to a doctor, it may be a good idea to show to the vet all documents you have. Remember that it is a problem that might occur.


Third tip: do not forget its food and water


Of course, you are going to drive for some hours and you will be hungry. At the moment you stop for lunch, your dog may enjoy this opportunity. A good zippered plastic is essential to be used on the road.


Fourth tip: stretch your legs


It is important to allow your dog to walk a little on the road and you can enjoy this moment to relax a little and stretch your legs and back. Have a good coffee and eat something and allow your dog to use its ‘bathroom’ on the road.


Fifth tip: do not forget its medication


Talk to a vet about the best medication that your dog may take on the road. We do not know how stressed it might feel then this care is essential. If your Shih Tzu does not feel well, you have a solution. Be sure that your dog has been given all necessary vaccinations.


Sixth tip: get a good travel carrier


Safety is important for all of us while traveling. A good travel carrier is an excellent option for your beloved dog. People wear seatbelts then your dog needs a special attention as well.


Seventh tip: do not forget some essentials – a collar, and leash


It is also important to get some essentials on the road. A leash and a collar are important to walk in the streets. Remember you will be in an unfamiliar place for your best friend.

Eighth tip: be careful with the temperature


Pay attention to your car temperature. If it is too hot or too cold, your dog will feel and may have some problems. It is important it feels very comfortable on the road.



Ninth tip: if you traveling by plane, be aware


Talk to your airline company and explain you need to take your dog. They will provide an appropriate cabin for your Shih Tzu. Dogs are usually welcome in flights. Pay attention to the size of crate, and if it is made of fiberglass, etc.


As you can see, these tips are extremely important for your dog then be careful and your vacation will be perfect for everybody!