Three healthy food recipes for your Shih Tzu

Three healthy food recipes for your Shih Tzu …


Hello, friends, my name is Vico and I am a Shitzu pup. Modesty aside, I know I’m very cute! (auauauau)


I’m only 1 year and 3 months old, but I’ve learned a lot at the time.

That’s  why I always share important tips so that you can take care of your pets, as well as take good care of me here.


Today we will talk about something very important then pay attention.

Three healthy food recipes for your Shih Tzu


The  fact is that feeding is very important in our lives, dogs just as it is important in the lives of humans as well. However, we have some restrictions that must be respected in order for us to have a healthy life ,and we can spend many, many years giving our love to our owners.


What happens is that even though I can not much, sometimes I make a poor face when you’re eating, simply because I feel like eating the food that I smell. However, it is important that even with my cheeky face, this food would not do well for my health.


That’s because it contains salt, seasonings and maybe even ingredients that can cause me serious problems, and it is not a healthy food for your dog. Also, even if I make a face that my life depends on that food, if I get a healthy snack I’ll be equally happy.


Then always avoid feeding my little dogs with food scraps, since many products that are used in the preparation are strictly prohibited for our species.


That is why I came here today to give some important tips and three healthy food recipes for your dog. Here’s what comes next:


Three healthy food for your Shih Tzu


First of all, it is important to emphasize that the meal of my little dogs should always be composed in the following way:


  •  25% vegetable
  • 25% carbohydrate
  • 50% protein

The daily dose of protein should be 5% of the dog’s weight, in case of puppies. From 2% to 3% of the dog’s body weight in the case of adults with an active life and about 1.5% in the case of more sedentary or overweight friends.

The dose of carbohydrates and vegetables should be calculated according to the weight of the protein. Do you understand?

In preparing healthy food for your dog, the meat should always be cooked in lot  of water, with very little salt and preferably with the vegetables already chopped inside. In that way we found everything tastier.

Now,  take a look at the three healthy food recipes for your dog.

First recipe:


Brown rice

Chicken giblets

Chicken breast


Second recipe:

Brown rice





Third recipe







How to prepare these three healthy food recipes for your Shih Tzu:

Dogs have a certain difficulty in the digestion of carbohydrates, but we need them in our food. So before preparing the rice, the tip is to soak it for two hours in warm water with a few drops of lemon. So it will be much better taken advantage of by our body in digestion. Cook the separated proteins and add some vegetables and cooking.


Also know that you can even use garlic as seasoning, but  do it in small amounts. Since the onion is toxic to our species, so it should never be used.


In preparation, you can use flaxseed oil to make these three healthy food recipes for your dog even more appetizing for your dog. You can put some olive oil in the serving time too, but little.


Done! Also know that carbohydrates can be potato, brown rice or ‘mandioquinha’. The proteins can be beef, pork, chicken breast, giblets and egg. The vegetables can be spinach, carrot, chayote, zucchini and kale.

So you can make a meal for your dog using whatever you have available. Fruits can be offered between meals, being apple, pear, banana, guava, tangerine, persimmon, among others.


Now that you already know what we dogs need to have a balanced and complete feed. Enjoy and make these three healthy food recipes for your dog.


Kisses, Vico