Pros and cons of having a Shih Tzu, Know everything about it

We are great dudes and very friendly


However, it is always good to remember that we, the Shih Tzu breed, enjoy some pampering to keep a good relationship with our owners.


Well, you already know that I am the boss here, the Vico, a very well-trained Shih Tzu puppy, full of tips to make your life easier and for your  male or female partner too. If you are starting to have a relationship with a dog of the same race as mine, or plan to do that, you will realize that we are not complicated, we just need some care just like everyone else, right?


Pros and cons of having a Shih Tzu




To begin with, I can say  that I and my “peers” do not need big spaces to enjoy our family and our fun activities. The only concern you must have is to ensure a little outdoors for us, even better if it is in the environment in which we usually spend the day.


Being indoors is not cool, especially as we have enough energy to spend. In addition, we get along well with our families during the routine, demanding little of what our friends are not very keen to do at that time. We will not be pulling on your pants for a walking, even we do not jump in their belly to play at inappropriate times.


We will follow you in your time, as long as you treat us with the affection that we deserve, please. A Shih Tzu is a good friend, and the one who is always around when you need it most, always very kind and ready to improve your mood after a not so cool day.


Would you like a proof? Shih Tzu means “loyal dog” in China. It was just cool (I’m not going to say we were considered sacred there)!


In addition, we enjoy our own space, but nothing like a lap to make us all feel much better and, as you may already realize, we are great apartment companies, making your choice much easier if you live in some of these big cities out there.




It is  hard to admit, but my Shih Tzu friends and I need some special treats to get a good life without offering some “surprises” for you. Do you know those perils that nobody expects when they spend time away from home? So we have some good skills to make a fool of our friends.


By the way, that’s what I would like to talk about. If the house is empty all day and,  we end up staying there, with nobody to play with, think carefully before picking up one of my distant Chinese relatives. We are good partners, but we do not know how to handle silence very well. Here, I’ll speak for myself, but I, since I was a child, always stayed  at home alone and never made any mess, none that deserved greater irritability from my tutors.


It is always a good idea to leave your dog with a few toys to distract and relieve the dentition that always bother  in the first few months whatever the breed.


We also do not find many problems to eat, you can relax about it, however, talk to your favorite vet about the recommended rations. Maybe one day we’ll learn to talk about our favorite one.


Pay attention to eyes (we have above average secretion), to the hair, because we have long fur and to keep us beautiful, we are obliged to be constantly brushed and preferably to take a bath every 15 days. Our breathing is sensitive due to the flattened snout and the path is shorter up to our respiratory tract, complications over time are normal, but it is possible to solve if there is a natural care.


Have you seen how easy it is to offer a good life to your Shih Tzu? Pros and cons of having a Shih Tzu or any other situation in life has its two sides, and you need to know how to rate. We promise to double that joy! Knowing how to educate your dog is the secret of success. Check out our article on this.