My Shih Tzu is stinking!

If you have a Shih Tzu you know how adorable it is. This breed is charming, extremely nice and beautiful. Its teddy-bear face is simply incredible. Your four-legged friend needs lots of care then the idea of this article is to show you some tips how to avoid bad smell on your Shih Tzu. If your dog is stinking there are solutions! Do not worry about it!


You can imagine how difficult it is when your best friend is sick or has other problems, but remember that a good vet is able to help in those difficult moments. Let’s analyze some aspects about this bad smell.


What are the causes of that bad smell?


Food and water can play an important role in this problem, then it is absolutely necessary to chosse the best ones to offer to your dog. Remember that all breeds can suffer of bad smell.


You know that your Shih Tzu has long hair and if there is some food and water on its face, your dog will smell badly. Definitely, a good shower is important to avoid this kind of problem. Remember that bacteria can gather in its hair and the problems becomes much bigger.


It is very important to dry its hair adequately. If it is wet, bacteria can build up and it is another reason for bad smell. Dry its hair around the eyes, then this problem will be solved.


Analyze where this bad smell is coming from. Talk to a vet, and he will tell you if your dog has skin problems. These problems may bring some diseases and even bad smell.


Your dog might have some allergies then you need to observe if there is some redness on its fur. Pay attention if you find bumps or swelling. If you can’t find the reason, definitely, you need to look for a vet.


The anal gland is another possibility for bad smell on your Shih Tzu. If your dog is stinking it might be a health problem, then it is important to look for a professional to help you.


Another problem can be bad breath but it is an uncommon problem in dogs. If a proper grooming is given, then an insufficient dental care can be the cause. Remember to pay attention to this problem as well. Take a look at your dog’s nails too.


Observe if you dog has gingivitis. Open its mouth and pay attention. Brushing its teeth is very important to avoid bad smell.


An ear infection might cause bad smell too. A vet is able to check and give the best solution for your Shih Tzu.




What are the solutions?


First of all, you need to bathe your dog more times. It is the best solution to reduce this problem.


Remember that low quality products may cause dry skin.  Choose the best ones to bathe your dog and bad smell will not be a problem anymore. If the vet finds some problems on your dog’s skin, antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory are recommended.

Another solution is to look for a professional groomer to take care of your pet. It has long hair and deserves lots of care. If you do not have time or do not know how to take care of it, a good groomer will be able to help you.


You need to observe all the details explained above. If these problems persist, a vet is the best person to help you to solve this problem. If you do not understand a lot or if you do not have time, do not hesitate to contact a professional. He or she will be able to help you.