My Shih Tzu eats poops, now what? Find out what Coprophagia is

Some people relate coprophagy to the poor and innocent Shih Tzus, but there is much more behind that legend.


You  see, despite being a small young canine and with a great life ahead, I have studied enough to be able to transmit all this to lovers of dogs and Shih Tzus as well. Today the issue is very serious, we need to clarify some legends that, from have been commented, can end up becoming truths.


Coprophagy – my Shih Tzu eats poops


Among  these legends, the one I least like, as well as my “dudes”, is that we are the race that is more accustomed to eating our own feces. Before I continue, I will explain to you why it happens to dogs of any breed if our friends are not well cared for.


Canine coprophagia can happen to your dog for a combination of reasons, so you should be aware of your pet’s habits.


The  first of them is the most basic: The lack of essential nutrients in its body. If it is hungry and feels like it can eat a little more, it may end up eating its own poop if it thinks the appearance is interesting enough.


Another  common reason is the need for attention from the animal, especially when it is still young. Leaving your Shih Tzu alone a lot of time every day, can cause him or her to take some attitudes that deviate from the pattern of behavior, especially as we are from a race that does not like staying in this solitary confinement all day long.




If  your puppy is already having this eating disorder, there are a few ways you can try to reverse it. To start, the most basic attitude you  have to take is to place your dog’s bathroom, its bed and the place where it eats as far as possible from each other. This prevents him from seeing you collecting feces frequently, for example, do the same.


We  always try to be very collaborative, so we clean up our territory when we realize that everything is very close and dirty. This also happens when our puppies are around, we do not want to leave the environment unpleasant for them, nor do we want you to fight with us, of course that “my dog eats poop” is not nice either.


A nice scolding, pointing the reason, is enough to draw our attention effectively. Screams and lack of control will not help a lot, since it will be more difficult for your friend to understand what is the reason of all that, if what was done has passed for a while.


This  one may seem a little strange, but you can trust me. In the market or in the pet shop, it is easy to find some products to spray on the feces, leaving them even more unpleasant, at least for us, dogs.


A  balanced and reinforced diet is essential and mandatory, this is the ultimate way to make them feel no interest in it. The more nourished it is, the further away from his own “poop”, preferably two or three good meals a day for your pet, with an adequate quantity according to its weight and size.



Now  that you know everything, you are aware that it is not a specific disease of the Shih Tzu breed, but a disorder that affects dogs of various breeds, for many reasons. Always worry not only in nurturing the feelings for your friend, but also in maintaining a space and a routine very pleasant to the pet.