Is it healthy to sleep with the Shih Tzu?

Hi, my dear friends, how are you? My name is Vico, and I am a Shih Tzu puppy and I am only 1 year and 3 months old. However, although I may be young I have learned a lot and now I would like to share some details with you. Today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of sleeping with a dog in bed.


No doubt this is a topic that still generates a lot of discussion among the tutors of my friends dogs. It turns out that everyone wants a loving and faithful friend for whom it would be possible to give affection and to receive as well. So, due to the wish to be close to your pet longer, they usually sleep with the dog in bed.


The fact is that opinions divide. Many tutors believe that this is a way to keep their pets protected but many are against  of sleeping with a dog in bed.


That’s why today I’m going to talk about some pros and cons of sleeping with a dog in bed. The reality is, I like to sleep with my tutors, whether in bed or on the floor.


Sleeping with the dog in bed, for what?


First of all, think about why you want to sleep with your little friend. If you want to sleep with your pet because you feel alone and want to relieve your problems, you must keep in mind that this situation can change when you find a love or get married.


The consequence is that your dog may lose its space in your bed and this will be difficult. We dogs do not understand why we can not do something that has always been allowed, and we feel very sad.


If this decision to sleep with my little friend is because you think it is afraid and feel lonely, the best thing to do is  and look for solutions to get that feeling from your friend.


Keep in mind that if one day your dog will climb on your bed and you leave, it will want to climb again. Of course, we dogs like the comfort and being close to our tutors.


Advantages of sleeping with the dog


The first advantage of sleeping with your pet is that when this happens, we create a strong bond. This is very good for strengthening the friendship among us dogs and our tutors.

It is worth remembering that there are even studies that prove that sleep with the pet is something beneficial for the health of both. For the human, the benefit is a favor to the drop in blood pressure and also emotional. Then tutors have a stress reliever and prevent depression.

The fact is that we dogs are very good at giving care and love to our tutors then they forget their problems.

Disadvantages of sleeping with the dog

There are people who strongly defend the idea that puppies should not sleep in bed with their owners. No doubt, I can not deny that there are some disadvantages.


The main one is that there is a possibility that the pet may pass on to the owner some type of contagious disease. This is especially true if we mention about parasites.


If the tutor has any kind of allergy, then it is even more important to be careful, especially since sometimes we can lose a lot of hair.


For people who are light sleepers, sleeping with the dog in bed can be bad because we often snore and move a lot at night, not letting the human rest, but not on purpose.


Finally, if you choose to sleep with the dog in bed, do not think only of yourself, but also of your friend. Remember that keeping a good hygiene is  very important.


Now the decision to sleep with the dog in bed is yours. But I guarantee that what we want is the love of our tutors and that we will continue to love you sleeping in bed or not.

Kisses, Vico