How to teach your Shih Tzu to stop barking incessantly

How to teach your dog to stop barking, take a look


Hi, it’s me, Vico! If your dog has given you too much work, making too much noise, barking a lot, and too loud, even bothering the neighborhood, today I came to tell you how to teach your dog to stop barking incessantly.


Take a look  in this article some strategies how to teach your dog to make less noise and stop bothering the neighbors and drive you crazy with so much noise.


How to teach your dog to stop barking in  two simple steps


1 – What not to do


In the process of trying to extinguish the excess barking, there is a possibility that you make some mistakes, I’ll show you the most common ones below, and if you’re committing any of them, it’s time to rethink your strategy of how to teach your dog to stop barking.


What you should NOT do to get your puppy to stop barking:


Shouting, cursing or even hitting your puppy will not help to solve the problem of how to teach your dog to stop barking in an adequate way. On the contrary, when treated aggressively, the dog will respond more aggressively, and may start to bark even more.


The use of muzzles does not solve this problem, it only masks the excessive bark, besides being cruel to your pet. The muzzles are used for the training of aggressive dogs, not to avoid beating.


You will not be able to make your dog stop barking if the rules you are trying to teach it are not clear.

You should make it clear that barking will not be tolerated, for example, there is no sense wanting your dog to stop barking too much, if every time you get home you play a lot with it, then it will bark much more.

2 – What to do

Take a look now  at four tips that worked for me on how to teach your dog to stop barking.

First tip: Pay attention to your dog’s behavior

To  find out the problem and get your dog to stop barking you will need to pay attention and observe its behavior. Pay close attention to the times when your dog most barks so you are likely to discover the reason for the excess barking.

Keep in mind  that there may be several reasons for excessive barking, so pay close attention to your dog’s behavior.

By  identifying the reasons that cause your dog to bark too much, it is possible to act on the cause of the problem, not just the symptom, and then, you will know exactly what to do.

Tip 2 – Take your dog to walk every day

One of the most effective ways to solve almost all your dog’s behavior problems is to exercise with it every day.

Your 4-legged friend needs to spend energy to feel happy, so it’s very important that it has a daily physical activity routine, by itself would already be a great way to teach your dog to stop barking, but that’s not all.

The  amount and kind of exercise you will do depends on the size and breed of the animal, but in general, walking is a very good alternative. A rubber ball can be an excellent solution in the house, because besides loving to bite them because they calm us, they are pure aerobic exercise, because they run more than us.

By doing so, that excess barking is likely to cease, and the health of your puppy will also thank you.

Tip 3- Teach the QUIET command to your dog

Most canine behavior problems happen because the pet does not really understand what it can and can not do. Dressage is always a great option on how to teach your dog to stop barking.

To  be able to reduce your dog’s barking, it needs to learn when it should stop barking. Using some training techniques to teach the QUIET command to your dog  helps a lot.

I will teach you and show you how my owners taught at a time when I started barking every time I heard a car passing by:

When I started to bark, they usually call me and show me my favorite canine biscuit.

As soon as I was silent, I would get the tidbit and shortly after, I would hear the word QUIET. It was enough that they did it a few times, and I understood that the word QUIET was always accompanied by my favorite snack.

After  that, they started saying QUIET every time I barked, and as soon as I was silent, I would get a cookie, a cuddle and they would say: Niiiiceee! I love it when they say it (auauauauauauau).

And that’s how I learned that QUIET meant I should stop barking, and nowadays, they do not even have to give me cookies anymore.

Tip 4 – Scare the dog when it is barking a lot

When  your dog is barking a lot, throw a stone, key, water, or anything close to it that might scare it, but be careful that  it does not see you.

If it stops barking when you do, come close, and reward it by playing a little or giving him a tidbit.

In this article I told you how to teach your dog to stop barking, and now, by applying these strategies, it is possible that it stops bothering the neighbors and despairs you.

If you want more content about caring for your pet, take a look at my posts. As a faithful dog that I am, I will always be here.