How to raise your Shih Tzu

Know how to raise your Shih Tzu


Hello, how are you? It’s me, Vico, and today I want to talk to you about how to raise your Shih Tzu.


This task may not be easy, but if you follow some tips that my owners used with me and worked very well, you’ll be able to get your little friend to learn everything you intend to teach him.


1 – Lessons on how to raise your Shih Tzu


I will teach you four lessons on how to raise a dog, which my tutors used with me and worked quite well. See below:


First Lesson – Be Consistent in Raising Your Puppy


Unlike children, we dogs, we are not able to generalize our behavior, so it is important that all people who live with your dog, treat it the same way.


Second Lesson – Adopt a Positive Reinforcement and Reward System


One of the most effective strategies of how to raise a dog, is the use of positive reinforcement and rewards.


The  use of punishments when the puppy does something wrong is less effective than betting on a positive reinforcement system and rewards for each time it demonstrates the desired behavior.


Third  lesson – Teach your dog not to bite from an early age


I know it can be good to allow your dog play simply biting you. As long as it’s a puppy, it will not hurt you, but when he grows up?


So, start early to educate your dog not to bite. Whenever your puppy bites you, shout or shake a pet bottle with pebbles inside, then it will make a nuisance to me or any dog, and followed by the NO command, it helps your pet a lot to understand that he can NOT do that. Still, get away from him, so he realizes that biting is inappropriate behavior.


Fourth lesson – Teach your dog to socialize


It  is important for the education of your dog that it has the opportunity to meet and live with other animals and people, so whenever you can, take your friend to socialize.


Just  be careful to wait for your friend to complete the vaccine cycle before you take it  to riskier places, where there is a risk that he may get some disease, such as parks or other places with a large flow of animals.


Take a look how interesting this video of dog trainer Alexandre Rossi is, Dr. Pet, teaching, in the “É de Casa”, program of Globo, how to raise your dog that usually attacks other dogs on the street, it will take time, I’ll let you know, but if you are interested, take a look:


2 – Ignoring can be a good strategy of how to educate your dog

A good strategy of how to raise your dog, is to ignore it every time he insists on inappropriate behavior.


You may not have noticed it, but it may be that you yourself are encouraging your puppy’s misbehavior by paying attention to it every time it misbehaves.


You  do not want your pet to jump on your visitors, or make a mess around the house for example, don’t you?


It may be that you are reinforcing this type of behavior when you ask your dog to jump on your lap to pet it, or when you scold it for the mess, and run after him, making the fight turn into a hide-and- seek.


Ignoring  is a strategy of how to raise your dog that can be very effective, but, it will depend on a certain degree of coldness on your part. You should not get carried away by the feeling of compassion.


Keep in mind that raising your puppy is very important to its well-being as well, and ignoring unwanted behaviors is a great strategy to eliminate them.


In this article I have given you some good tips on how to raise your dog, with them, you will be able to teach your dog everything you want him to learn.


For  more content on caring your pet, keep reading my posts. See you soon, do not miss the related posts to this subject here in the same blog, such as how to teach your dog to pee in the right place.