How to get your Shih Tzu puppy to stop biting

Hello everybody, How are you? Here is Vico, I am a Shih Tzu puppy, and I am 1 year and 3 months with great energy and disposition. I always like to introduce myself, because you can be a new reader here on my blog, and that’s really cool. Welcome, ok?


Today we will talk a little more about a problem that many owners have with their pets.


Do you know how to get your Shih Tzu stop biting?


No doubt there is nothing sweeter in the world than a puppy, and cute as me. But I know it’s not automatic how to make your puppy stop biting. He just bites for free, all the time.


When we are not adults, we are soft, cuddly and sweet, not to mention that we have enough energy to give.


We have to consider that this age we also have very sharp and pointed teeth, which can be a big problem when we bite our owners hands, feet or other body parts.


The  truth is that for us puppies, as children we are, everything looks like a great and fun toy. With that, we lose the notion that we can be hurting people. That is why you, our owners, must show us the limits. So, as we grow we understand what is acceptable.


After  all, it’s important to remember that we dogs, like humans, are born with milk teeth that begin to be exchanged for permanent ones when we are about three months old.


By  the age of eight we will have an adult dog’s teething, but this exchange process can be a bit annoying making us more willing to bite. That’s the reason we sometimes eat something we should not. Then you may be wondering: how to make your puppy stop biting?


The fact is that beyond this stage of the dentition exchange, some canine friends develop the behavior of the bite for the whole life. That is why it is important for the owner to be able to guide and conduct our actions avoiding us becoming a problem.


So, now let’s look at some important tips on how to make your puppy stop biting:


1 – Chance focus


As a puppy I am, I know very well that certain fun are extremely stimulating. So when I’m joking, I may end up over the limit with bites.


A  good tip for owners is to do something to change the focus of your pet. The truth is that we enjoy playing a lot, no matter what. So if we start biting, offer another option and fun that does not involve biting.


2 – Ignore


If there is something that we dogs hate is being ignored and can be a good tip on how to make your puppy stop biting. So if your pet bit off and you ignored him, stopping the fun, and it will certainly understand that it did something wrong. However, punishment should be short because we do not understand long-term attitudes. If you ignore me for 10 minutes right after the bad behavior is enough.

3 – Offer options


In addition to the exchange of teeth, some dog friends feel the need to exercise their bites. So the best idea is for owners is to offer snacks and toys that can be bitten and chewed. Also, do not get angry if I destroy a toy, after all, I’m focusing my energy and something that is for myself, not your shoes.


4 – Provide activities


As  I said, we puppies have a lot of energy. It turns out that many times, due to lack of activity, we end up biting what we should not.


So,  play with your pet, wander, tire us. The more tired we are, the nicer we will be (auauauauau). Our energy has to go somewhere, and we have a lot. Playing with other little puppies is also something we love.


Okay, now that you know some of my tips on how to get your dog to stop biting. Enjoy these tips and make your pet happier, as I am!


Kisses, Vico