How to clean Shih Tzu mustache and eyes

People who have pets really need lots of patience and love to take care of these cute animals. They are extremely nice and share great moments with you. Let’s talk in this article about how to clean Shih Tzu mustache and eyes. Your best friend will be clean if you follow some simple rules and that is the idea of this article.


Shih Tzu is a fascinating breed that deserves lots of attention. They are extremely charming,  alert, reliable, and they are ideal companions for the elderly and children. They are generally well-behaved and of course, very cute.


Remember that we should take care of their health because they are our ‘children’ too. Pets are lovely creatures and deserve lots of care then, let’s see some cool tips about cleaning their mustache and eyes. Your beloved friend needs you all the time. A good veterinary may give you more tips about cleaning and diseases caused by those problems.


How to clean their eyes and mustache


Dogs have eye inflammation that might be painful and your Shih Tzu needs lots of attention if it happens. If you see any sign of this problem, talk to a vet as quickly as possible. It is important to keep in mind that treating your dog by yourself may be dangerous for its health.


To prevent stains and other problems, simply use powder under the eyes and even on the mustache. If you observe stain, a good zinc supplement is very useful to remove it. Probably the vet will recommend a quarter of a teaspoon of powdered buttermilk. That is why a professional opinion is mandatory. Bleach solutions are not recommended to remove stain. This product might cause more problems for you best friend.


Another tip is to massage your puppy’s nose bridge and under their eyes to avoid blocking tear ducts. Talk to the vet about this tip. Surely, your puppy will love this massage. Surely, your dog loves being on your lap and it might a good chance to massage it.


It is very important to feed your dog with high quality food, then be aware about all details that involve this breed. Do not forget to give lots of water as well. The vet is the best person to recommend good dog food.


A great deal of grooming is essential to take of their long coat, then it is extremely important to clean their eyes and face. At least once a week you need to clean their eyes using eye cleaning cloths that can be easily found in pet stores.


A good shampoo may be a good idea but be careful to choose the correct brand otherwise, your best friend might have irritation. Dry with a towel after rinsing. An important detail: do not rub to dry.


A pin brush is important to brush its long hair and notice that there are no balls on the ends. The balls might cause matting and your dog will feel uncomfortable. Get a pair of blunt-end scissors in order to cut its hair around the eyes. Remember to cut the hair to about 1 inch around your puppy’s cheeks and nose. For longer coats, pay attention to its eyebrows too. They are extremely important as well.


As you can see, Shih Tzu is a nice dog that deserves important and simple rules in order to keep its face clean and healthy. Of course, your best friends needs lots of attention, then buy some toys and it will be able to share nice moments with you and your family. Shih Tzu is one of the most beloved breeds in the world!