Discover the best breed for apartment, know which one

Hi,  it’s me again, Vico. Do you like my posts? Today I am here to talk about the best breed for apartment.


If you really want to have a dog but live in an apartment and therefore have little space, in this article you will find out how to choose the breed that fits best and can live very well there with you.


What you should evaluate


To choose the best breed for apartment, there are a few criteria that you should think about before buying or adopting a puppy. I’ll talk about them in this article:


Size of the breed


Creating  a large dog in an apartment would not be an easy task, as these breeds need a lot of space to live comfortably.


Therefore, small or medium-sized races are more appropriate to be created in smaller spaces, such as an apartment.


The barks


The best breed for apartments s the one that makes the least noise. Therefore, it is much better to choose an animal that does not bark so much to avoid annoyance in the neighbors.


But the way you treat your puppy influences a lot. If it has since learned that barking gets its attention, consequently, it will grow making a lot of noise. Try to get its attention at specific times for fun like these here with my sister that I love:


It is necessary some exercise


No matter the breed or size, every dog needs to do physical activity, however, some breeds need more exercise than others.


Those who live in an apartment should choose an animal that does not need constant and intense physical activity, since there is not much space available.




A short-haired dog will give less work to you who live in an apartment, but this is not a mandatory issue.


The  choice of the best breed to apartment taking the fur into consideration, depends on your availability both to clean the accumulation of hairs in your home, and the time and attention you want to dedicate to your pet.




The temperament of the chosen breed should also be taken into consideration when choosing the best one for apartment.


You  will hardly be able to take your puppy out when you receive a visit or someone to come to your house to provide some service, so if you live in an apartment, choose a breed that has a more docile temperament.


But keep in mind that, even if the breed tends to be docile, the way you treat your pet also has a lot of influence on that issue.


Best breeds for apartment


Choosing  the best breed for apartment is easier if you know in advance some breeds that fit well into this environment, so I’ll show you two lists. The first, with the most indicated breeds, and the second the ones you should avoid if you live in an apartment.


1 – The best breeds to raise in apartments


Shi Tzu; (Me, me, me !! Just coincidence to be in the first place).

Lhasa Apso;


French Bulldog;

English Bulldog;



In this article, Pet Channel you will find more details about these and some other breeds to help you choose the best breed to fit your profile and your space. Check there if you have a little time, if you can not trust my dog tip I understand well (auauauauau).



2 – The worst breeds to raise in apartments



Border Collie;

Golden Retriever;



Lulu of the Pomerania;

Dash Hound

Here in this article published at Estadão, the biologist and master in animal behavior Luiza Cervenka de Assis explains in detail why each of these breeds does not adapt living in apartment. This is worth checking, as it avoids bigger problems for both you and the possible pet partner candidates you bring to your life. Click here to check



Today you’ve found how to choose the best breed for apartment and now, you can choose a four-legged friend to live with.


If you’d like to know more about pet care, keep reading my posts here on the BLOG or on the social networks that are scattered here by the BLOG. I  AM ALWAYS ALERT.