Discover how to deal with Shih Tzu mood

Hello, this is Vico again! Today I am going to tell you about how to deal with the mood of the Shih Tzu breed.


As you know, I am also a puppy of this breed, so it is easy for me to explain to you how we are and the best ways deal with us (on average, auauauauauauau).


1 – Main characteristics of Shih Tzu mood


If you already have or intend to buy or adopt a Shih Tzu puppy, it is important to know the main characteristics of the temperament of this breed and here I will tell you everything about us.


To start,  I need only make one important observation, every race has some tendencies of temperament but our behavior also depends a lot on how we are treated by our owners. So always treat your puppy with respect, love and affection.


Let’s know the Shih Tzu mood.


We, of the shih tzu breed, tend to have an alert and lively temper. We are definitely full of energy! We make friends easily and get along with other dogs and children, although we may be a bit jealous and stubborn at times.


We also respond well to training, as long as you are patient, loving and keep a consistent training.


The  temperament of Shih Tzu is very active, so you need to walk every day, and it is important that our tutors play with us a lot so ,we can expend energy.


In addition, we need an authoritarian but respectful teaching, to feel led, because we tend to be libertarians bordering almost on disobedience for those who do not give us limits.


We are easy to learn and follow the rules if they are dictated to us in a clear and consistent way, we like to have a leader in the house, otherwise we often end up doing this leadership role.


You should not allow us to feel like a pack leader. If we take on this role, we can become aggressive, irritable, and prone to biting. Which is quite different from the temperament of the usual Shih Tzu, which looks more like a very cute little fur.


You  should also be very careful about our diet. We are a breed that is predisposed to obesity, so our food must be balanced, and between meals, it is better to avoid snacks (I am bending against myself, but it’s true, auauauauauauauau). There is a friend of ours who teaches how to make healthy cookies that do not fatten or poison us, my tutors make a few natural cookies that she taught, Delicious!


Take care also with our eyes and ears, which are very sensitive and need to be always clean. A veterinarian can recommend you the best product to use for their hygiene. Guys, this really bothers me, I have a lot of hair and if it does not take care of  it, rolls everything.


The  temperament of Shih Tzu has the following characteristics:


  • Extrovert
  • Astute;
  • Affectionate;
  • Loyal;
  • Playful;
  • Independent;
  • Friendly;
  • Stubborn;
  • Active;
  • Courageous;
  • Alert;

If you want to know all the details about us, just click here on that link to the Wikipedia page, where you will find all about the Shih Tzu breed They are very formal there, but they know things.

2 – How to train a Shih Tzu dog

As I  have already told you, the mood of a Shih Tzu can be a bit stubborn, after all, we like to be independent in our acts and wishes, although we love the laps of our owners.

The problem is that this need for independence can make it a bit harder for you to train us, so you will need enough perseverance and patience to deal with us,  then do not try to do this without the help of a professional, even if online, because it can weaken our friendship. My owners here at home used the help of a “expert” in the area, which they recommend, you can find on that site this help: dressage link indicated.

Relax because the temperament of Shih Tzu also has positive features that can help in the process of dressing.

We  are a very intelligent breed, but our stubbornness can cause problems, then this intelligence can make your job easier when it comes to training your dog. Being observant and inquisitive can also help with the training process. It is only you to know how to use these characteristics in favor of learning.

The temperament of Shi Tzu makes us very fond of being close to the owner, especially on the lap. We can hold on and do everything to protect you, making us an inseparable company.

When  trying to train a Shih Tzu you should be prepared to fail, especially at the beginning of the process. As you already know, we tend to be disobedient, but persevering and patient work can solve this problem.

Avoid getting irritated with your shih tzu, our personality is like that and irritation will only further delay the training.

The important thing is that your little dog knows who the leader of the pack is, so avoid pampering and doing all of its wants.

Our cute appearance can soften your heart, which can get cause problems and make your Shih Tzu believe that it can get everything it wants from you. It is very important that you do not allow this to happen, and make it clear that the leader is you, at least in the first months of life, then it becomes natural.

Video of the sister communicating with me, she is 6 years old. Do you have doubts you can teach your little friend too?

It is cool, later we are going to make  videos like this, only teaching step by step how to teach each command. This video here shows me with my sister who learned how to communicate with me through the training my owners have invested to become a member of the family.

In this article I told you all about the temperament of Shih Tzu. Now it’s going to be a lot easier for you to deal with, isn’t it?

If you want to know more about caring for your pet, keep reading our articles. See you later!